Safety and Security

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Ascent Public School has been equipped with video surveillance CCTV system to ensure safety and security for students. Prevent outsiders from entering the school`s premises. These CCTV cameras are used for monitoring areas that are remote from the control room or where the environmental conditions are not comfortable for people and are enough capable to capture the images in pitch dark conditions and broad light day.

Proper entry is done by parents and visitors in the Entry register before entring the school campus

Some of the safety measures for the students.taken by school are:

  1. The school is having C.C.T.V. Camera surveillance throughout the school campus.
  2. Since the beginning school has appointed the lady conductors in the buses to take care of students.
  3. The school maintains the proper record of all the visitors.
  4. Full time security guard is available in the school.
  5. No student can move out of the school without the out-pass issued by the authority.
  6.  The school is surrounded by the proper boundary wall from all the sides.

Suggestions of all the parents  for the students safety is always welcomed by the school.