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About Ascent Sr. Sec. School Haldwani
Learning at APS(Ascent Public School) is child-centric and not bound by the tradition of rote or a set drill. The childs participation and experience is of paramount importance to us as educators. The school is driven to enable each student to realise his or her potential to the fullest and achieve his/her dream. This is what we exist for and this is what gives us supreme satisfaction. Development Programme as an intrinsic part of the curriculum. Evaluation for us is not merely a tool to judge the capacity of a child to regurgitate by rote. Evaluation is continuous and comprehensive. Evaluation is used to understand the learning curve and capabilities of a class and optimise the study programme. It also includes areas such as life skills, conceptual development,social, emotional and behavioural development, etc
Books do form a part of the repertoire of the curriculum. But equally important is the nature around us the trees and the gardens and the playground of the school. The curriculum at our schools assimilates the best from various sources and inspirations. A great emphasis is laid on thematic studies. Thematic learning, as a concept,
can be best explained as the linkage and delivery of various subjects in a manner that demonstrates the practical application of learning as opposed to rote learning.

Today the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be life long learner, critical thinker, and productive member of an ever changing global society. All the children are like the seeds who need love, care, nourishment and a place to stand on their feet and stretch their arms across the space.  View More...

Mr. Dinesh Nainwal(Director)
Our Vision & Goal:

Ascent Public School is dedicated to excellence dedicated through State, National and International recognition, through freedom academic inquiry and expression. Create and disseminate knowledge by means of scholarly and creative achievements. Empower teachers to guide children with innovative techniques to construct knowledge and to bring element of joy to School surroundings to nurture patriotic child to grow in to full bloom. For us honor and welfare of the Nation will always be first and every time. View More....