co curricular activities

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Extra Co-Curricular
Development of integrated personality of the child remains incomplete without cultivating an appreciation for fine arts and sports. The school ensures a balanced growth of body and mind.Children are trained to shoulder responsibilities, make decisions and help n organizing programmes. They are trained in public speaking, games, sports and various extracurricular activities.Inter-House and inter-class activities
creatively foster multiple talents in our students.

Competitive Edge
Competitions are organised for dramatics, elocution, quiz, recitation, debate, singing, dance and other activities and the meritorious children are honored.

Art & Craft
Work experience activities form an inseparable part of the school curriculum. Children enthusiastically participate in activities like Best out of Waste, Origami, Fabric and Glass Painting, Meal Planning and Clay Modelling.Aiming at inculcating creativity among children and igniting their imagination, the school provides a plethora of opportunities which provide an effective platform for children to nurture and exhibit their talents and interests. Competitions at inter-class, Inter-school, zonal and national level allow the young minds to interact, work in teams, analyse topical issues, hone various skills and get felicitated for their hard work.

ACTIVITIES AND CELEBRATION FOR SESSION 2022-23 : https://www.apshaldwani.com/uploads/files/shares/activity_and_celeb_2022-23_for_website.pdf